Kelly’s Heroes Soundtrack (by Lalo Schifrin)

Kelly's Heroes Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2005 (1970)
Country: USA
Audio codec: WMA
Quality: lossless
Playtime: 1:19:06

Thanks to DON

0. Behond Enemy Lines (01:55)
1. Kelly’s Heroes (02:47)
2. Big Joe / Gold Bar / Colonel Dankhopf (01:49)
3. Si Tu Me Dis (03:39)
4. More Gold / Mulligan / A Piece Of The Action (01:40)
5. Sherman Holiday Inn (02:56)
6. Warriors On The Love (01:43)
7. Burning Bridges (instrumental) (01:46)
8. Crapgame (00:59)
10. All For The Love Of Sunshine (03:49)
10. Close Order Drill (02:37)
11. Minefield (02:17)
12. Ready For The Ambush (03:42)
13. All For The Love Of Sunshine (instrumental) (02:19)
14. Burning Bridges (02:44)
15. Clairmont Waltz (00:45)
16. Commando Prelude, Opus I – IV (07:27)
17. Tiger Tank / More Tiger (03:02)
18. Quick Draw Kelly (02:57)
19. Covered Boxes (00:54)
20. End Credits (02:37)
21. Kelly’s Heroes (Album Version) (02:56)
22. Burning Bridges (Album Version) (02:14)
23. Tiger Tank (Album Version) (02:01)
24. Clairmont Waltz (Album Version) (02:22)
25. Battle Hymn Of The Republic (Album Version) (02:59)
26. Quick Draw Kelly (Album Version) (03:13)
27. All For The Love Of Sunshine (Album Version) (02:52)
28. I’ve Been Working On The Railroad (Album Version) (03:43)
29. All For The Love Of Sunshine (alt.) (Bonus Track) (02:35)

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11 Comments on “Kelly’s Heroes Soundtrack (by Lalo Schifrin)

  1. Thanks a lot! Been looking for this for a while.

    But what’s up with the track numbering? Starts at 0, no track 9 and two track 10’s?

  2. Contains 30 tracks and they are in order. Close Order Drill is track #11. Track #0 is #1 and #29 is track #30. You have the capability of changing properties info. If there is a need to do so. When you view the file(s) the track number and track title is listed in the first column. The next column gives the number and the third column provides the title. You can make whatever correction need be corrected. Right click on file, scroll down to properties, click on details. All information concerning the track file(s) is then accessible for change/correction. I’m giving you this information only because you don’t seem to know of it. If you do know this then make the changes necessary. Your complaint is then moot.

  3. Why is this score downloading as an EXE file as opposed the usual straight ZIP file format? EXE files tend to hide nasty surprises and I won’t click them. Why the change?

  4. this is from i have found that if you sort of miss clicking on the actual download button it tries to get you to download an exe file. Just reload the whole page again, click download again, put in the code, press download squarely on the button and the actual file will be ready for download. don’t download any exe file.

  5. updating last comment…if the check box for the “download manager” is checked on the uploaded page where you put the code in for after the 30 sec download it will try to have you download the .exe file for the download manager when you hit download. just uncheck the download manager box and then hit download. if you have already been asked to download the .exe file, then reload the page, uncheck the box, put the code in, and hit the download button. I usually never comment on sites, but since this site is an incredible resource and the webmaster has always been so helpful to all who have commented with difficulties, i thought it proper to comment. remember, always scan before unpacking rar or zips just in case.

  6. Could you Upload in Hotlink please?
    thank you so much

  7. The link keeps telling me “Wrong Captcha” and not doing anything. How do I get passed that?

  8. Kelly’s Heroes was a wonderful TV-Show.
    Thank you for the soundtrack, Admin.

  9. I meant Hogan’s Heroes.
    Kelly’s Heroes was a movie.
    But the music of the movie here is also very good.

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