Intouchables Soundtrack (by Ludovico Einaudi & VA)

Intouchables Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2011
Country: France
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 57:05

01. Fly (3:21)
02. September (3:33)
03. Des Références... (1:09)
04. Writing Poems (4:10)
05. The Ghetto (4:58)
06. L'Arbre Qui Chante (1:01)
07. You're Goin' Miss Your Candyman (7:19)
08. Blind Test (2:22)
09. Boogie Wonderland (Feat. The Emotions) (4:45)
10. L'Origine Nascosta (3:13)
11. Feeling Good (2:53)
12. Cache-Cache (3:51)
13. Vivaldi: Concerto Pour 2 Violons & Orchestre) (3:21)
14. Una Mattina (6:42)
15. Red Light (4:29)

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19 Comments on “Intouchables Soundtrack (by Ludovico Einaudi & VA)

  1. please re-upload… both links do not work anymore

  2. Sorry but the ost is Irreversible, not intouchables?

    can you repair it, please? i’m very interested in this OST


  3. I really want the OST so bad. Please re upload? MErci!

  4. Could you please upload this again? The link doesn’t work anymore. Thank you so much.

  5. Please reupload this soundtrack. Little advice – upload to, on that hosting files aren’t removed in time, only when the owner delete some files, they disappear from servers. Greets and thanks.

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