Interstellar Soundtrack (Complete by Hans Zimmer)

Interstellar Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2014
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 192 kbs
Playtime: 1:58:44

01. 01M1 Dreaming of the Crash (03:43)
02. 01M2 Chasing Drone (02:07)
03. 01M3 Flying Drone (01:54)
04. 01M4 Combines Went Haywire (01:54)
05. 01M5 Dust Storm (01:13)
06. 02M6 Decoding The Message (05:41)
07. 02M7 Who’s They_ (07:17)
08. 02M8 Stay (05:33)
09. 03M9 Docking (01:28)
10. 03M10 Entering Endurance (02:39)
11. 03M11 Rage Against The Dying of The Light (00:57)
12. 03M12 Down For The Long Nap (00:58)
13. 03M13 Message From Home (01:46)
14. 03M14 Through The Wormhole (01:44)
15. 03M15 We’re Here (00:42)
16. 04M16A Atmospheric Entry (02:45)
17. 04M16B They’re Not Mountains (03:44)
18. 04M17 Years Of Messages (05:26)
19. 04M18 Afraid Of Time (02:33)
20. 05M19 Murph Comes Home (01:44)
21. 05M20 No Need To Come Back (04:35)
22. 05M21 Our World (03:56)
23. 05M22A We Are The Future (03:29)
24. 05M22B We’re Running Out Of Time (01:53)
25. 05M23 I’m Going Home pt. 1 (05:43)
26. 06M24 Coward (08:33)
27. 06M25 Imperfect Contact (06:57)
28. 06M26 No Time For Caution (04:05)
29. 07M27 Detach (06:43)
30. 07M28 Eject (02:13)
31. 07M29 Landing In Tesseract (04:41)
32. 07M30 S.T.A.Y. pt.1 (06:20)
33. 08M31 Quantifiable Connection (03:30)

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18 Comments on “Interstellar Soundtrack (Complete by Hans Zimmer)

  1. Do you have the soundtrack for Acceleracers? My childhood yearns!

  2. Best complete film score ever! Thanks again for sharing my created cover.

  3. Interested in hearing it even if I never see the movie.

  4. @scooter If I were you, I wouldn’t beg or demand for a 320. Just be happy that the leak was released.

  5. Hi there,

    the last ttrack, “Quantifiable Connection”, seems to have an issue: there is some strange “scratching-noise” over the most part of the song. Or is it just me? Maybe you can fix that? 🙂

    Great upload anyway!

  6. Thanks for this upload, but I’m wondering something. The track listing for this upload and the track listings for the three official releases seem to be significantly different. I count around twenty tracks on this upload that either have titles that differ from the official editions, or differ greatly in length. May I ask the reason for this? Were you able to get additional music tracks some unknown source?

  7. Len is correct!…this noise is usually due to a ‘bad burn’ on disc but this is coming from the upload itself of this track..first time I have come across this.I have wasted 2 discs on this,thinking it was my’s not!

  8. Could you please reupload hotlink, Thank you very much for your hard work 🙂

  9. Nope this is not the complete i have the complete score and it has 54 tracks in 320kps i wish i can upload it but due to copyright i can’t

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