Il Grande Silenzio Soundtrack (Complete by Ennio Morricone)

Il Grande Silenzio Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2003 (1968)
Country: Italy
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:06:45

Thanks to Florian 

1. Prima che volino i corvi (02:38)
2. The Great Silence Restless (02:35)
3. Main Title (Film Version) (02:26)
4. Gli assassini o la madre (03:27)
5. The Coach and The Snow (Film Version) (01:41)
6. The Old Mother (00:39)
7. Voci nel deserto (02:46)
8. Passaggi nel tempo (02:32)
9. The Sheriff (01:01)
10. Nel vecchio Saloon (01:19)
11. Main Title Reprise (Film Version) (00:45)
12. Viaggio (02:00)
13. Four for Three (00:11)
14. E l’amore verrà (02:06)
15. Love Scene (Film Version) (03:56)
16. Invito all’amore (04:07)
17. Poker Game (00:21)
18. In Town (00:46)
19. Tigrero and the Law (00:41)
20. Escape (02:36)
21. Barbara e tagliente (02:09)
22. The Mark (00:18)
23. Bounty Killers (01:32)
24. Remember! (01:51)
25. Immobile (03:35)
26. Looking for Silence (00:45)
27. L’ultimo gesto (04:33)
28. The Last Duel (Film Version) (03:38)
29. End Title (Film Version) (03:24)
30. Dopo il martirio (01:49)
31. Restless (Single Version) (01:51)
32. Silent of Love (Single Version) (03:02)

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9 Comments on “Il Grande Silenzio Soundtrack (Complete by Ennio Morricone)

  1. Don`t bother with this its just poor music taken from the film

  2. This is a disappointment for anyone expecting not just the full album but also cues taken off the master tapes. This version not only takes its cues from a DVD instead of the masters, it doesn’t even reproduce all of the cuts found on the previous 13 track release! The only things making it worth downloading are the two single versions which are the very last cuts. I have never heard these before and I doubt if anyone else has either.

  3. I take back that the album doesn’t hold the 13 tracks of the previous release. It does, but the sound quality is poor.

  4. sorry don but your rants are simply a waste of time to read

  5. Don’t believe the uninformed rants by Don and Steve. A true fan of the score will have the official release, but this is a great and enhancing addition – the official release was always somewhat disappointing in its shortness, too.

  6. Morricone is always right…
    and also please Re-Up this Soundtrack plz!

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