Godzilla Soundtrack (by Alexandre Desplat)

Godzilla Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2014
Country: USA
Audio codec: FLAC
Quality: lossless
Playtime: 1:00:11

1. Godzilla! (02:06)
2. Inside The Mines (02:22)
3. The Power Plant (05:49)
4. To Q Zone (02:53)
5. Back To Janjira (05:56)
6. Muto Hatch (03:12)
7. InThe Jungle (01:56)
8. The Wave (03:03)
9. Airport Attack (01:45)
10. Missing Spore (03:59)
11. Vegas Aftermath (03:22)
12. Ford Rescued (01:22)
13. Following Godzilla (02:01)
14. Golden Gate Chaos (02:49)
15. Let Them Fight (01:36)
16. Entering The Nest (03:00)
17. Two Against One (04:13)
18. Last Shot (01:55)
19. Godzilla’s Victory (03:02)
20. Back to The Ocean (03:39)

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30 Comments on “Godzilla Soundtrack (by Alexandre Desplat)

  1. Whoa!! Dude!! Thanks a lot for this, DA MAN!! You’re indeed DA MAN!! I’m looking forward to see the movie

  2. what happen with the first link ???

  3. can u plzzzz upload soundtrack of 5 days of war (2011)

  4. Am I the only one who has a problem to download this soundtrack?


  5. Hey, merci. Je ne savais pas que Deplast avait fait cette BO. J’aimerais bien voir cette ennieme version de Godzilla .

  6. Please can you upload Dog Soldiers soundtrack. Thanks so much for the Godzilla

  7. thanks for uploaded man, you rule!

  8. Will Why can not continue to use the uploaded?

  9. Thanks admin! Please continue using uploaded.to.
    Majority of other sites are using uploaded.to as well… at least please give us the links!

  10. Hey Admin. The download works, but when I import it into I-tunes the track order is messed up. Can you please re-upload with the right order of tracks?

  11. Hey Admin this is really rare. But can you please upload the score to Pretty Little Liars? I have the Television Soundtrack. But I want the score by Michael Suby. Thanks!!!

  12. Do you have Alexandre Desplat’s The Imitation Game? Please upload, its just released.

  13. Thanks Man, I just lost my 15 yrs Collection of Soundtracks (HDD Crashed). I am recollecting thanks for putting such great effort for sucker for soundtracks like me. Thanks a million.

  14. Thank you for the soundtrack! Is it possible to get this in mp3 or m4a version? Thank you!

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