For A Few Dollars More Soundtrack (Expanded by Ennio Morricone)

For A Few Dollars More Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2014 (1965)
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Playtime: 1:02:07

01. For A Few Dollars More Title (03:48)
02. Tucumcari (01:09)
03. Aces Of Poker (01:19)
04. Collecting For Cavanagh, Indio Escapes Prison (02:28)
05. 10,000 Dead Or Alive (00:48)
06. The Pocket Watch, Indio’s Revenge (01:30)
07. Story Of The Carpenter (02:08)
08. Mortimer Tests Wild (01:15)
09. The Watchers Are Being Watched (02:03)
10. The Gentleman’s Leaving (01:43)
11. The Bank Shot (02:23)
12. The Escape (00:56)
13. The Vice Of Killing (02:25)
14. Switching Out The Loot (02:22)
15. Manco And Mortimer Caught (00:44)
16. Slim Sacrificed, Cuchillio Setup (01:14)
17. Cuchillio Blamed (01:54)
18. Cuchillio Sacrificed (01:08)
19. Morning Dawns (00:39)
20. The Story Of The Watch (02:09)
21. The Showdown (An Eye For An Eye) (04:00)
22. Goodbye Colonel (01:44)
23. Occhio Per Occhio (Italian Lyrical Version) (03:02)
24. Eye For An Eye (English Lyrical Version) (03:01)
25. Sixty Seconds to What! (03:06)
26. Aces High (01:20)
27. The Watchers Are Being Watched (02:03)
28. The Vice of Killing (02:26)
29. The Musical Pocket Watch (01:12)
30. The Showdown (01:17)
31. Goodbye, Colonel (01:46)
32. For a Few Dollars More (02:51)

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  1. Thanks admin for all this Morricone music.

  2. yo no tengo nada que agradecer a un administrador que es un burro! porque cambio un servidor tan bueno como UPLOADED por una vaina que no sirve como OBOOM! que metida de pata!

  3. thank you for that but, please, check the file content: of this huge archive only a quarter of it, raughly, is related to the soundtrack mentioned!
    there are other 4 soundtracks and only one of the same composer but for a different film (“vamos a matar companeros”)..

  4. The site admin added all of the sts from one day into one large file, so the moaners that complain about only getting one free download per day on Oboom can score all of the day’s posted sts in one go for free.

    Totally decent more. You all ought to thank the admin, not bitch at them.

    Thanks so much to the site admin!

  5. yanni, you ought to have your ISP blocked from this site.
    That way you won’t have anything to bitch about anymore and we won’t have to listen to your selfish, ungrateful moaning.

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