More Music from Braveheart Soundtrack (by James Horner)

Braveheart Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 1997 (1995)
Country: UK
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Playtime: 01:08:08

01. Prologue: ‘I shall tell you of William Wallace’ (Robert the Bruce)
02. Outlawed Tunes on Outlawed Pipes
03. The Royal Wedding (Robert the Bruce)
04. ‘The trouble with Scotland’ (King Edward the Longshanks)
05. Scottish Wedding Music
06. Prima Noctes
07. The Proposal (William Wallace and Murron)
08. ‘Scotland is free!’ (William Wallace)
09. Point of War / Johnny Cope / Up in the Morning Early
10. Coversing with the Almighty (Stephen, William Wallace, Hamish, Campbell)
11. The Road to the Isles / Glendaural Highlanders / The Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill (Traditional)
12. ‘Sons of Scotland!’ (William Wallace)
13. Vision of Murron
14. ‘Unite the clans!’ (William Wallace)
15. The Legend Spreads (Scottish Highlanders)
16. ‘Why do you help me?’ (William Wallace and Princess Isabelle)
17. For the Love of a Princess
18. ‘Not every man really lives’ (William Wallace and Princess Isabelle)
19. ‘The prisoner wishes to say a word’ (The Executioner and William Wallace)
20. ‘After the beheading’ (Robert the Bruce)
21. ‘You have bled with Wallace!’ (Robert the Bruce)
22. Warrior Poets (William Wallace)
23. Scotland the Brave / The Badge of Scotland / The Meeting of the Waters
24. Leaving Glen Urquhart / The Highland Plaid / Jock Wilson’s Ball
25. Kirkhill / The Argyllshire Gathering / The Braemar Highland Gathering

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  1. Link is dead, can you fix it, please? Thanks anyway! ^_^

  2. Hi Admin, any chance for a re-upload? In fond memory of James Horner!
    The download always end with CD 2. Thanks in advance!

  3. Sorry, wrong OST; I meant AVATAR complete.

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