Blood Work Soundtrack (Unreleased recording sessions by Lennie Niehaus)

Blood Work Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2002
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 35:14

1. Main Title (long version) (1:29)
2. McCaleb Catch Me (0:32)
3. Alley Chase (1:52)
4. The Attack and Shootbout (1:23)
5. The Photo / The Phone Call (0:44)
6. The Murder Tape (0:49)
7. Investigation (1:15)
8. Murder Scene One (0:29)
9. The Nightmare (0:39)
10. Bolotov (1:52)
11. Happy Valentine’s Day (0:26)
12. Hospital Tenderness (1:03)
13. Clock Isn’t Right (0:35)
14. Lockridge House (0:42)
15. Show Me Your Heart (long version) (3:30)
16. Night Visit (0:48)
17. Killer Makes His Comeback (0:49)
18. The Following sea (long version) (3:21)
19. On the Boat (1:00)
20. Cat and Mouse (0:52)
21. Final (0:58)
22. End Titles (4:29)
23. Blood Work Moods (1:38)
24. Shootout (Unused) (0:51)
25. Alley Chase (alternate) (1:52)
26. Unused Cue (1:16)

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  2. What ads? There’s nothing to watch, just endless surveys to fill out. One option is to choose from a list of countries, and unless I’m mistaken, the United States isn’t even on there. Using rapidshare usually works, but I’ve never seen it do this before…Deposit files or mediafire works well…

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  7. Admin, thank you for all the great soundtracks. Sorry that you will no longer support those of us living in the USA and will just post the zip file directly on rapidshare.

  8. Sorry for my recent comment. The other link worked fine. Thanks, and no sweat.

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