Blade Runner: Los Angeles, November 2019 Soundtrack (by Vangelis)

Blade Runner: Los Angeles, November 2019 Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2003 (1982)
Country: EU
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:18:49

Thanks to Bill

1. Los Angeles, November 2019 (0:30)
2. Third Sector – China Town (4:43)
3. Ninth Sector – Downtown (3:59)
4. Nineteenth Sector – Police Headquarters (2:43)
5. Twenty-fifth Sector – Tyrell Corporation (6:28)
6. Seventh Sector – Apartment 9726 (12:13)
7. Ninth Sector – Urban Blues (12:02)
8. Fifth Sector – Animoid Row (7:15)
9. Second Sector – DNA Row (4:59)
10. Seventh Sector – Apartment 9726 (reprise) (7:06)
11. Eighth Sector – Nocturnal Rain (3:46)
12. Tenth Sector – The Bradbury Building (13:03)

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15 Comments on “Blade Runner: Los Angeles, November 2019 Soundtrack (by Vangelis)

  1. Another Blade Runner OST by Vangelis. Got so many of them I may already have this, but I’ll get this one anyway. I am quite upset that Vangelis will not be doing the score/OST to Blade Runner 2. I hear he even asked for the job, and was turned down… and every fan of the original movie knows that a huge part of the film’s beauty is the Vangelis score. This does not bode well for this new movie.


  2. Hi, Yee. Where did you hear that Vangelis requested BR2049? I’ve always read that he is quite reclusive and mostly retired now.

    Thanks Admin (and Bill)! What’s the story behind this one?

  3. INFO –

    Over the years, Esper Productions has put out many bootleg versions of the BR soundtrack, most of which have been supplanted by the above EMS release. However, this is one of the most interesting. It contains all the environmental sounds and effects used in the film, with some music blended in. 12 tracks, with each one representing different “sectors” of the city. Two of the tracks are from the well-regarded 90’s PC game.

  4. Hmm… Just listening to this “Vangelis” OST, and it isn’t. Ok there is a small whisper or two of his music, but for the most part its just the movie soundscapes/soundeffects.
    I see that only ten copies of this were ever produced. So thanks anyway.

  5. Thank you for that information, Bill. And for sharing the album. Cheers!

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