Blade Runner 2049 Soundtrack (by Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch)

Blade Runner 2049 Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2017
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Playtime: 1:34:02

1. 2049 (3:38)
2. Sapper’s Tree (1:37)
3. Flight to LAPD (1:48)
4. Summer Wind (Remastered 2008) (2:55)
5. Rain (2:26)
6. Wallace (5:24)
7. Memory (2:33)
8. Mesa (3:10)
9. Orphanage (1:14)
10. Furnace (3:42)
11. Someone Lived This (3:14)
12. Joi (3:52)
13. Pilot (2:17)
14. Suspicious Minds (4:23)
15. Can’t Help Falling in Love (3:02)
16. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) (Remastered) (4:24)
17. Hijack (5:33)
18. That’s Why We Believe (3:37)
19. Her Eyes Were Green (6:18)
20. Sea Wall (9:53)
21. All the Best Memories Are Hers (3:22)
22. Tears In The Rain (2:11)
23. Blade Runner (10:06)
24. Almost Human (from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Blade Runner 2049) (3:22)

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52 Comments on “Blade Runner 2049 Soundtrack (by Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch)

  1. Sweet. Any chance of the So Let Us Melt soundtrack by Jessica Curry?

  2. You are a god.
    As yet as I asked for it, As yet you posted it.
    You are wonderfull !

  3. Well here’s a troubled production come out. First the fella they hired instead of the Master, Vangelis, cannot complete the job, for unspecified reasons, then we get the usual Hans Zimmer standard fare… I really do not know why I am bothering with this one. Still and all, Thanks.

  4. Very very very disappointed . It’s like Massage session music.
    I wish Ramin djawadi soundtrack tomorrow to be nice so I can forget this.
    However thank you admin for your hard work

  5. This is a great score. By the way, haters, Zimmer had very little to do with it. He was on tour and came back more as a producer, not composer.

  6. Thank YOU ! There is a special 2 Disc Version of this score available. Do you have this version ?

  7. …And not a clue was given! I’ve given it a listen, and my worst fears were confirmed, it really is not even a little as good as Vangelis’ original Blade Runner work. The Synthetic music is bland and lacking in detail or depth. Hans Zimmer’s finishes are also bland. Just compare their rendering of ‘Tears In The Rain’ to Vangelis’ original version, and it becomes obvious these guy had no business doing this OST. Also what is with the inclusion of Frank “My Way” Sinatra and Elvis “The Pelvis” Presley?!? No accounting for taste, but why? Seriously, Why? Sure Vangelis incorporated some jazz pieces in the original, but they fitted into the whole properly. And that last track? Gawds above, who told that girl she could sing? They lied, a whole lot! So nope, this will not do. Here is hoping that Vangelis, out of spite or pride, does his own version as a stand alone album that we can enjoy, because these guys dropped the ball. Now I am wondering if the movie will be any good either, or if it too will lack an understanding of the original concept and not have the depth of thought needed to make this comparable to the original film. My guess is that it is just going to be a standard actioner, just set in a futuristic type setting, with flappy flying cars and androids and gynoids prancing around in almost nothing. Shame. 35 years of waiting for a sequel and all for naught. 🙁

  8. I just saw the movie and the soundtrack was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for the movie! It has the same moody feel a the original soundtrack but with deep distorted bassline that work extremely well in the movie. So, to everyone who complained: Watch the movie and you will understand!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing! But indeed, I’m very sad about it! Still a mystery the reason why Vangelis wasn’t called up for it! Nothing special about this soundtrack… Another boring hans zimer songs…. Far away from any kind of brilliance!!! And that frank sinatra was pathetic!! I like him, but what a hell!!!

  10. You have to see the FIlm to understand this score. After you watch it, listen again and you will see “it all make sense”

  11. Just means that the Sound effects guys were able to do some sort of fix, not that this ost is anything other than a sham.

  12. “This is a great score. By the way, haters, Zimmer had very little to do with it. He was on tour and came back more as a producer, not composer.”

    Did not listen yet but even as a Producer, he still “green lit” the score. Zimmer gets the blame as much as the composer.

  13. “is there any way you also have this as FLAC?”

    LOL! You think this is an official release. How cute 🙂

  14. Yee, you sound like one of those rabid fanboys with a hard on for Vangelis soundtrack. Like wow, that’s pretty sad. As great as it was, Vangelis score mainly worked because it was different for the time. No point in getting a copy-paste job.

  15. first i didnt like it it will work, because i like the score of Vangelis. Than i saw saw the film and listen again. This score needs some time time, to like it. After all you can not combine it to Vangelis. It was a different time. Hans and Benjamin have made in short time the best out of it. It is a great score, that maybe didnt work alone, but after you see the film, slowly you will like it. Of course, the director had choose M84, Jarre , Schiller, Geoff Barrow, Ben Salisbury or any other electronic artist, because Vangelis say no to the project. But they do a great job.

  16. Any chance of the 2-Disc limited edition popping up here? Thanks!

  17. If you didn’t like the film and you didn’t like the soundtrack, why come here to moan about it, pitiable fellows? Why not move on with your life instead of spreading your negativity?

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