Batman: The Brave And The Bold Soundtrack (by Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis & Kristopher Carter)

Batman: The Brave And The Bold Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2014
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 2:34:26

1. Batman: Brave and the Bold Main Title (00:32)
2. Original Beetle Flashback [Fall Of The Blue Beetle!] (02:04)
3. The Search [Fall Of The Blue Beetle!] (02:18)
4. History Lesson [Fall Of The Blue Beetle!] (01:05)
5. The Ideal Society [Fall Of The Blue Beetle!] (02:26)
6. Initiate Attack Sequence [Fall Of The Blue Beetle!] (01:23)
7. Ted’s Sacrifice [Fall Of The Blue Beetle!] (01:40)
8. Island Blows Up [Fall Of The Blue Beetle!] (02:36)
9. Worthy Jaime [Fall Of The Blue Beetle!] (00:48)
10. No Rest For The Weary [Hail The Tornado Tyrant!] (02:17)
11. Through The Door [Hail The Tornado Tyrant!] (00:20)
12. My Son, Tornado Champion [Hail The Tornado Tyrant!] (02:18)
13. Major Disaster [Hail The Tornado Tyrant!] (02:03)
14. Father Son Bonding [Hail The Tornado Tyrant!] (02:56)
15. Conversation By The Sea [Hail The Tornado Tyrant!] (01:28)
16. Internal Change [Hail The Tornado Tyrant!] (01:36)
17. The Logical Solution [Hail The Tornado Tyrant!] (02:11)
18. Dare to Love [Hail The Tornado Tyrant!] (01:54)
19. Who Am I? [Hail The Tornado Tyrant!] (01:41)
20. Gentlemen Ghost Busted [Terror On Dinosaur Island!] (02:40)
21. Action In The Sky [Terror On Dinosaur Island!] (01:39)
22. Plastic Man Origin [Terror On Dinosaur Island!] (00:57)
23. Flashback Defense [Terror On Dinosaur Island!] (01:11)
24. Oa Arrival [Day Of The Dark Knight!] (01:23)
25. Prisoner Roundup [Day Of The Dark Knight!] (01:36)
26. Return To Camelot [Day Of The Dark Knight!] (02:09)
27. Etrigan Transformation [Day Of The Dark Knight!] (00:37)
28. Forest Fight [Day Of The Dark Knight!] (02:18)
29. Ogre Altercation [Day Of The Dark Knight!] (01:59)
30. Morgan Enslaves Bats [Day Of The Dark Knight!] (00:45)
31. Castle Fight [Day Of The Dark Knight!] (01:52)
32. Dragon Transformation [Day Of The Dark Knight!] (02:17)
33. Morgan Defeated [Day Of The Dark Knight!] (01:21)
34. Etrigan Departs [Day Of The Dark Knight!] (00:44)
35. Faust Battle [Evil Under The Sea!] (02:01)
36. Aquaman On The Scene [Evil Under The Sea!] (01:14)
37. Orm And Manta Plot [Evil Under The Sea!] (01:27)
38. Fighting Fish Fun [Evil Under The Sea!] (01:38)
39. Call Me Ocean Master [Evil Under The Sea!] (01:54)
40. Bat Chum [Evil Under The Sea!] (00:47)
41. Black Manta’s Showtime [Evil Under The Sea!] (01:17)
42. Shrimp To The Rescue [Evil Under The Sea!] (02:44)
43. A King Is Born [Evil Under The Sea!] (00:48)
44. Meet Bat-Mite [Legends Of The Dark Mite!] (01:58)
45. Villains & Holidays [Legends Of The Dark Mite!] (01:54)
46. UFOs and Alien Monsters [Legends Of The Dark Mite!] (01:14)
47. Run Bat-Mite Run [Legends Of The Dark Mite!] (01:28)
48. Bat-Mite Goes Home [Legends Of The Dark Mite!] (01:03)
49. Just Like Green Arrow [Legends Of The Dark Mite!] (00:26)

1. Black Orchid Snags Ivy [The Mask Of Matches Malone!] (02:40)
2. Catwoman Seeks Cloak [The Mask Of Matches Malone!] (01:21)
3. Thugs Emerge From Smoke [The Mask Of Matches Malone!] (01:08)
4. Catwoman Steps Out [The Mask Of Matches Malone!] (01:06)
5. Cloak Reveal [The Mask Of Matches Malone!] (01:16)
6. Get The Birds Of Prey [The Mask Of Matches Malone!] (00:52)
7. Matches Montage [The Mask Of Matches Malone!] (01:52)
8. Outsiders vs. Despero [Duel Of The Double Crossers!] (03:05)
9. Jonah’s Back In Town [Duel Of The Double Crossers!] (00:46)
10. Jonah’s Hand [Duel Of The Double Crossers!] (01:10)
11. I Aim To Repay My Debt [Duel Of The Double Crossers!] (02:07)
12. Enter Mongal [Duel Of The Double Crossers!] (01:25)
13. Furies Attack [Duel Of The Double Crossers!] (01:29)
14. Bats Hex Face Mongal [Duel Of The Double Crossers!] (00:56)
15. Mongul’s Savagery [Duel Of The Double Crossers!] (01:37)
16. Giddyap! [Duel Of The Double Crossers!] (01:32)
17. Manta Machine Fight [Enter The Outsiders!] (02:51)
18. Wildcat [Enter The Outsiders!] (03:24)
19. Motorcycle Chase [Enter The Outsiders!] (01:40)
20. Subway Fight [Enter The Outsiders!] (00:57)
21. Slug Is Sleazy And Slimy [Enter The Outsiders!] (01:17)
22. Wildcat Tricks Slug [Enter The Outsiders!] (03:36)
23. Mystery Montage [Game Over For Owlman!] (00:55)
24. Armed And Dangerous [Game Over For Owlman!] (02:49)
25. Joker Revealed [Game Over For Owlman!] (01:24)
26. Your Car Or Mine? [Game Over For Owlman!] (02:09)
27. Don’t Touch That [Game Over For Owlman!] (01:16)
28. Death Trap [Game Over For Owlman!] (01:09)
29. Sinister [Game Over For Owlman!] (01:07)
30. Seduction And Pulse [Game Over For Owlman!] (01:58)
31. Batmania Battle [Game Over For Owlman!] (02:30)
32. Joker Laughs Last [Game Over For Owlman!] (01:10)
33. Cadabra And Zatana [Chill Of The Night!] (02:23)
34. Young Wayne’s Oath [Chill Of The Night!] (01:10)
35. Confession [Chill Of The Night!] (01:32)
36. Tiki Tavern Souce [Chill Of The Night!] (00:30)
37. Moxin Crashes Ball [Chill Of The Night!] (02:05)
38. Casual Contract [Chill Of The Night!] (00:55)
39. Batman vs. Everyone [Chill Of The Night!] (01:40)
40. The Slinking Coward [Chill Of The Night!] (02:43)
41. Jazzy Action Source [Mitefall!] (00:50)
42. Ambush Bug Materializes [Mitefall!] (01:28)
43. Bat-Mite Goes Too Far [Mitefall!] (01:28)
44. Bats Reverts To Norm [Mitefall!] (01:43)
45. If Only Piano Source [Legends Of The Dark Mite!] (01:12)
46. Batman: Brave and the Bold End Titles (00:30)

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