Basie Meets Bond Soundtrack (by Count Basie Orchestra)

Basie Meets Bond Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 1966
Country: USA
Audio codec: FLAC
Quality: lossless
Playtime: 40:35

Thanks to WiLdBiLL

01. 007 (03:01)
02. The Golden Horn (03:45)
03. Girl Trouble (03:37)
04. Kingston Calypso (02:26)
05. Goldfinger (04:06)
06. Thunderball (04:02)
07. From Russia With Love (04:15)
08. Dr. No’s Fantasy (03:57)
09. Underneath The Mango Tree (03:38)
10. The James Bond Theme (03:49)
11. Dr. No’s Fantasy (first version) (03:54)

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3 Comments on “Basie Meets Bond Soundtrack (by Count Basie Orchestra)

  1. Thanks for upload, unfortunately, all the tracks are recorded as one track on a FLAC file, would it not have been better to rip each track as an mp3???

    ps. I’m going to have to use Freemake Video Converter to convert the FLAC file to mp3 & use Audacity to split the file into into individual tracks & rename them.

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