Bad Boys II Soundtrack (Complete Score by Trevor Rabin)

Bad Boys II Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2003
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Playtime: 1:07:30

1. X Lab
2. Coffins – Coast Guard
3. Swamp – KKK (Part 1)
4. Tapia
5. Swamp – KKK (Part 2)
6. Tapia Pissed Off
7. Tapia’s Stuff
8. Tapia’s Stuff 2
9. Tapia’s Stuff 3
10. Tapia’s Stuff 4
11. Tapia’s Stuff 5
12. Wiretap Results 1
13. Wiretap Results 2
14. Wiretap Results 3
15. Tapia And Syd In Ocean
16. Untitled
17. Remember Me
18. Cuban – Dead Body Chase
19. Bad Boys Heart To Heart
20. Sneaking Mortuary (Part 1a)
21. Sneaking Mortuary (Part 1b)
22. Sneaking Mortuary (Part 2a)
23. Sneaking Mortuary (Part 2b)
24. Syd’s Cover Is Blown
25. Tapia Has Syd
26. Tapia Has Syd (v. 2)
27. Bad Boys For Life (Part 1)
28. Bad Boys For Life (Part 2)
29. Cuba
30. 7M57
31. Prep For Tapia Sneak
32. Prep For Tapia Sneak (v. 2)
33. Cuba Chase
34. Guantanamo
35. Guantanamo (v. 2)

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11 Comments on “Bad Boys II Soundtrack (Complete Score by Trevor Rabin)

  1. No Longer The link works. Could re-upload the link again, please. Thanks before hand.

  2. Could you re-upload the link please, I was looking for that complete soundtrack for years!!!
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Thanks…
    … but I just came back today, and it doesn’t work…
    Sorry for botherin’, but if you could do it a last time,
    I’m not working today I gon’ be waiting.
    Thanks a lot for that dude!

  4. Hi Admin,

    Would you happen to have the Bad Boys Score CD from 2007 that contained 27 tracks and if so could you please add it to your future upload list?

    Thank you very much for all the hard work involved in giving the planet access to all this wonderful music!

  5. It appears this is down again. Please re-up?

  6. Link is dead once again. Any way you could re-up it?

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