Animalympics Soundtrack (by Graham Gouldman)

Animalympics Soundtrack

Genre: Soundtrack
Date: 1980
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 35:46

1. Go For It (3:36)
2. Underwater Fantasy (3:19)
3. Away From It All (2:34)
4. Born To Lose (4:06)
5. Kit Mambo (4:28)
6. Z.O.O. (Animalympics Theme) (3:30)
7. Love’s Not For Me (René’s Song) (2:43)
8. With You I Can Run Forever (4:05)
9. Bionic Boar (3:34)
10. We’ve Made It To The Top (3:51)

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4 Comments on “Animalympics Soundtrack (by Graham Gouldman)

  1. 2018 New Years Resolution workout music

    You’re not “Born To Lose” and “Which You I Could Run Forever”

    Thank You!!!!!!

    “Kit Mambo”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great album. I already have it from a torrent that was floating around about ten years ago, but I still highly recommend this to anyone who grew up in that era.

  3. This music of the funny cartoon animalympics brings back much memories to me when I was decades younger. I heard the title song every day, but only token from the VHS tape.
    It was a great pleasure to listen to it for the first time in Stereo.
    Thank you so much for upload, Admin

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