A Bridge Too Far Soundtrack (by John Addison)

A Bridge Too Far Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 1999 (1977)
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 38:00

01. Overture
02. A Dutch Rhapsody
03. Before the Holocaust
04. Underground Resistance
05. Airlift
06. Hospital Tent
07. Arnhem
08. Nijmegen Bridge
09. March of the Paratroopers
10. Bailey Bridge
11. Human Roadblock
12. Futile Mission
13. The Waal River
14. Arnhem Destroyed
15. Retreat
16. A Bridge Too Far March

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5 Comments on “A Bridge Too Far Soundtrack (by John Addison)

  1. FYI –

    John Addison (1920 – 1998) who scored this won the Bafta in 1977 for this superbly personal and moving piece.

    He also scored the 1956 Movie ‘Reach For The Sky’, and was the brother in law to its main character the RAF Pilot Group Captain Douglas Robert Steuart Bader DSO Bar DFC Bar (1910 – 1982).

    He scored his first film in 1950 (Seven Days To Noon) and his last in 1985 (Code Name Emerald).

    He served in the War himself like many of his time, and was part of XXX Corps during ‘Operation Market Garden’ – the subject of this score.
    He was a Tank Officer (Armoured Unit – 23 Hussars) and saw heavy action in Europe from Operation Overlord (D-Day) through to VE-Day.

    He was wounded when his tank was destroyed in 1944 at Caen, and returned to duty in time to take part in the Liberation of the Netherlands.

    He has always said this was his most personal score.

  2. still offline
    is there a way to upload it to hotfile or whatever you are using?

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