A Beautiful Mind Soundtrack (by James Horner)

A Beautiful Mind Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2001
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:11:27

1. A Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics (4:55)
2. Playing A Game Of “Go” (3:35)
3. Loking For The Next Great Idea (3:03)
4. Creating “Governing Dynamics” (2:33)
5. Cracking The Russian Codes (3:22)
6. Nash Descends Into Parcher’s World (4:39)
7. First Drop-Off, First Kiss (5:16)
8. The Car Chase (2:24)
9. Alicia Discovers Nash’s Dark World (8:29)
10. Real Or Imagined? (5:48)
11. Of One Heart, Of One Mind (6:21)
12. Saying Goodbye To Those You So Love (6:44)
13. Teaching Mathematics Again (3:16)
14. The Prize Of One’s Life… The Prize Of One’s Mind (3:03)
15. “All Love Can Be” (3:18) (performed by Charlotte Church)
16. Closing Credits (4:50)

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  1. Upload the recording sessions to “A Beautiful Mind”(2001)(If you could).

  2. C:\Users\Ultim\Downloads\A Beautiful Mind.zip: Checksum error in C:\Users\Ultim\Downloads\A Beautiful Mind\A Beautiful Mind\01-James Horner–A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics.mp3. The file is corrupt

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