Rhythm Thief R Soundtrack

Rhythm Thief R Soundtrack

Genre: Soundtrack
Date: 2012
Country: Japan
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 2:44:39

Disc 01
01. Theme of Rhythm Thief
02. The Story So Far…
03. Mystery Incident
04. Raphael’s Appearance
05. Rhythm Thief Jingle
07. Rhythm Game Clear
08. Secret of the Crest
09. Night in Paris
10. Sound Trick
11. Sound Trick Clear
12. Invasion
13. Louvre Museum Invasion
14. Time Limit
15. Police Superintendent Baudouin’s Appearance
16. Escape from Paris City Police Department
17. Day in Paris
18. Encounter with Maria
19. Napoleon’s Theme
20. Battle Knights Diabolique
21. R Runs Away
22. Chapter
23. Raphael’s Usual
24. Run Over the Princess of the Moon
25. Knights Diabolique Takedown
26. Escape from Notre Dame
27. Infiltrate into Paris City Police Department
28. Detective Claude’s Appearance
29. Advance Underground Passage
30. Napoleon’s Hiding Place.
31. Duchess Elizabeth and Maria
32. Pass the Boy Examination
33. Grand Strategy of Rhythm Thief Fondue
34. Confrontation! Butler Rowan
35. Escape from Teatro dell’Opera
36. Re-decisive Battle! Detective Claude
37. Another War with Claude
38. Maria’s Theme
39. Raphael Encourages Maria
40. Encouraging Maria
41. Day in Paris ver.2

Disc 02
01. R
02. Main Menu
03. Secret of the Apartment
04. The Father Who Stopped Being There
05. Re-invasion of The Louvre
06. Pass the Performance Examination (Aria in G)
07. La musique dans les monuments
08. At Celebration Party Hall
09. SHALL WE DANCE? (The Blue Danube)
10. Confrontation! Emperor Napoleon
11. Battle of the Eiffel Tower
12. Rhythm Thief R, Killed By an Assassin’s Bullets (Fugue in G Minor, ‘Little’, BWV 578)
13. Escape Safely By Glider
14. Infiltration of Elizabeth’s Residence
15. Baudouin vs. Knights
16. Hurry to the Eiffel Tower
17. Key of Ball, Seat of Dragon
18. Napoleon’s Speech
19. Last Battle! Knights Diabolique
20. Elizabeth Killed By an Assassin’s Bullets
21. True Knights Diabolique
22. Stand In Heinrich’s Way (Fugue in G Minor, ‘Little’, BWV 578)
23. Advance Air Garden
24. Decisive Battle! Emperor Napoleon
25. Paris Storm
26. Melody of Hope
27. Tiamat’s Bracelet, When Shining
28. That Which Inherits Intention
29. Escape from Air Garden
30. Victory Song of Bastille Day
31. Separation from Maria
33. Goodbye, Rhythm Thief R
34. Je te dis au revoir
35. Calling On Rhythm Thief R

Disc 03
01. Fête de Paris (Je te veux)
02. Tobitsuke! Meat Strategy
03. Rhythm Kitchen
04. Samba Carnival (VAMOS A CARNAVAL!)
05. Love Strategy
07. Fake Rhythm Thief R’s Appearance! (Option Remix)
08. Fake Rhythm Thief R Again!?
09. For You, I Can Dance (For You, I Can Die ~Rapid 60’s MIX~)
10. Search for Sound
11. Shoppe Aubin
12. Legendary Musical Instrument Shop
14. Paris’s Leading Bodyguard
15. Again! Meat Strategy
16. Love Strategy! Power of Love
17. Restaurant Examination
18. Fondue’s Wish
19. Bond of Parent and Child
20. Solo – Music Side of Phantom
21. Je te dis au revoir (Instrumental)

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  1. Would you be able to re-up this one please? Thanks alot!

  2. Please re-upload this soundtrack. The link says page not found. Thank you

  3. Thank you so much for uploading this! I love this game and its soundtrack, but Sega wants $30 for the whole thing on iTunes! That’s flat out ridiculous! I can listen to most of it for free on YouTube anyways, I just like to have a digital copy to put on my phone for use whenever. Again, thanks so much!

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