NightSky Soundtrack (Chris Schlarb)

NightSky Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2011
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Playtime: 39:27

01. A Sense Of Place (Harara Mountains)
02. Circuitous Path (Harara Mountains)
03. Upright Detour (Harara Mountains)
04. A Sense Of Place Reprise (Harara Mountains)
05. Squeak And Bubble (Skymning)
06. Follow Me (Skymning)
07. Valves (Skymning)
08. Squeak And Bubble Reprise (Skymning)
09. Transmission (Old Ruins)
10. A Memory (Old Ruins)
11. No Waiting (Old Ruins)
12. Cold Hope (Old Ruins)
13. Tweleve And Sixteen (Perpetuum Factory)
14. Question Number Eight (Perpetuum Factory)
15. Gear Dance (Perpetuum Factory)
16. The Engineer’s Dream (Perpetuum Factory)
17. Brass Echo (Ranna Caverns)
18. Far From Home (Ranna Caverns)
19. Lament (Ranna Caverns)
20. Moon Craters (The Void)
21. Wide Open (The Void)
22. Meteor Shower (The Void)
23. Satellite Dust (The Void)
24. When Morning Comes – Electric (Murky Depths)
25. Distance And Desire (Murky Depths)
26. Spinbow Pinwheel (Murky Depths)
27. When Morning Comes – Acoustic (Murky Depths)
28. Another Verdant World (Giant Leaf)
29. Moog Canopy (Giant Leaf)
30. Bug March (Giant Leaf)
31. Guitar Canopy (Giant Leaf)
32. Falling Lights (Auroras North)
33. Wood And Ice (Auroras North)
34. Arco Intermission (Auroras North)
35. In A Circle (Auroras North)
36. Southern Wind (Auroras North)
37. A Sense Of Place (Slightly Nonsense)
38. Cold Hope (Slightly Nonsense)
39. When Morning Comes (Slightly Nonsense)
40. Falling Lights (Slightly Nonsense)

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  1. Could this be re-uploaded? I’d be super happy if you could!

  2. Thanks for keeping your site updated guys! Appreciate the quick re-upload!

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