Medal of Honor: Vanguard Soundtrack (by Michael Giacchino)

Medal of Honor: Vanguard Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2007
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: V0
Playtime: 59:04

01. Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault (Main Theme) (04:06)
02. The Halftrack Chase (from Medal of Honor: Frontline) (03:40)
03. Sturmgeist’s Armored Train (from Medal of Honor: Frontline) (03:55)
04. Schmerzen (from Medeal of Honor: Allied Assault) (03:38)
05. Thuringer Wald Express (from Medal of Honor: Frontline) (02:52)
06. Streets of Paris (from Medal of Honor: Underground) (03:51)
07. Manor House Rally (from Medal of Honor: Frontline) (03:45)
08. Panzer Attack (from Medal of Honor) (04:18)
09. Attack On Fort Schmerzen (from Medal of Honor) (03:58)
10. Taking Out The Railgun (from Medal of Honor) (03:52)
11. The Radar Train (from Medal of Honor) (03:36)
12. Sniper Town (from Medal of Honor Allied Assault) (03:21)
13. The Rowhouses (from Medal of Honor: Frontline) (04:42)
14. Medal Of Honor (Main Theme) (04:11)
15. Operation Market Garden (from Medal of Honor: Frontline (02:36)
16. Operation Husky (from Medal of Honor: Airborne) (02:35)

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  1. Can you re-up again on oboom website? thanks you

  2. With all the fantastic Giacchino scores that you’ve already provided, the one that elludes us all is Secret Weapon over Normandy. Any chance we could see that? Thank you for all that you do. Totally appreciate it.

  3. possible to find this bad boy? love you for your hard work <3….you really do amazing work…

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