Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack (Expanded by Cris Velasco, Sascha Dikiciyan, Sam Hulick, Christopher Lennertz, Clint Mansell)

Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2012
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 4:46:48

01. Title Screen Theme
02. Menu Theme
03. Character Creation
04. The Fate of the Galaxy
05. You Look Good Shepard
06. We Fight Or We Die
07. Take My Hand
08. Waiting For Pickup
09. Leaving Earth
10. Landing On Mars
11. Cerberus Encounter
12. Liara
13. A Race to the Archives
14. Cerberus Agent Recording
15. Dodge The Turret
16. Cerberus Husk
17. Flank Them
18. The Data Archive
19. A Cerberus Agent
20. The Citadel
21. The Dream
22. The Galaxy Map
23. Battle On Menae
24. The Walk On Menae
25. Garrus
26. The Brute
27. In Search Of General Victus
28. The New EDI
29. Citadel Club Music
30. Grissom Academy
31. Grissom Academy Cerberus Battle
32. How Do We Know
33. Protect The Students
34. Krogan Air-Drop
35. The Krogan Female
36. Surkesh Battle
37. Cerberus Atlas
38. Project Crucible
39. Protect the Female
40. Who’s With Me
41. Who’s With Me (OST Version)
42. I’ve Lost Control
43. Looks Like Rachni
44. We Made It Back Outside
45. It’s Kalros
46. I’ve Got This
47. Dodge The Lazer
48. Curing The Genophage
49. Sabotage The Genophage
50. Grunt
51. We’re All Okay
52. Explore Tunnels
53. We Got Rachni
54. Take Down the Reaper Nodes
55. I’ll Hold Them Off
56. The Citadel Under Attack
57. Kai Leng
58. Back On Track
59. Trust Me Ash
60. Goodbye Thane
61. Trouble At Arrae
62. Jacob
63. Activate The AA Guns
64. Leaving Arrae
65. Samara
66. The Ardat-Yakshi Monastery
67. The Banshee
68. Get to the Great Hall
69. The Great Hall
70. I Won’t Kill My Last Daughter
71. Tali
72. The Battle Over Rannoch
73. Aboard the Geth Dreadnought
74. Geth Incoming
75. The Operation Center
76. Legion
77. All Ships Open Fire
78. Entering the Geth’s Virtual World
79. Battle On Rannoch
80. Battle the Reaper On Rannoch
81. Rally the Fleet
82. I’m Sorry
83. Stop the Geth
84. Outpost Tykis Battle
85. The Prothean Beacon
86. Battle With Kai Leng
87. There Is Only One Way This Ends
88. Sanctuary
89. Battle At Sanctuary
90. Stay Out Of Their Reach
91. You’re Safe Now
92. I Was Lost Without You
93. Cerberus Headquarters Drop Off
94. Data Console Recordings
95. The Remains Of The Proto Reaper
96. Final Battle With Kai Leng
97. Stand Strong Stand Together
98. The Fleets Arrive
99. We Need Extraction
100. London Hideout
101. We Face Our Enemy Together
102. Pressing Forward
103. Faulty Missiles
104. Marauder Shields
105. Indoctrination
106. I Tried Shepard
107. I’m Proud Of You
108. The Catalyst
109. The Choice
110. An End Once and For All
111. Credits
112. Credits (OST Version)
113. Sounds Of The Citadel
114. Squad Select Screen
115. Dreams (Full)
116. Normandy Music Player 1
117. Normandy Music Player 2
118. Normandy Music Player 3
119. Normandy Music Player 4
120. Normandy Music Player 5
121. Normandy Music Player 6
122. Normandy Music Player 7
123. Galaxy Map Reapers

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8 Comments on “Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack (Expanded by Cris Velasco, Sascha Dikiciyan, Sam Hulick, Christopher Lennertz, Clint Mansell)

  1. Both of these file hosting sites have extremely slow download speeds. Any chance you could find a better alternative?

  2. Hey, EA? This is what a soundtrack looks like. It has ALL the music.

    This is what should’ve been in the Collector’s Edition.

  3. I agree, I have the fastest internet around, and it still takes at least five hours to download this. How is that a worthy sample? This really goes for anything I could download. Is there another way you can go about this? Like I said on the last Mass Effect comments page, it takes too long and I remember before when it only took a few minutes or less.

  4. Just noticed there’s a track named ‘Marauder Shields.’ That’s pretty great.

  5. if you’re patient and come back after some days, download is only an hour long

  6. The fact that it’s an hour long when the same size .rar would take 10 minutes or less normally is what the problem is. It has nothing to do with patience, it’s just really bad.

  7. Nothing like a bunch of ungrateful comments for something you’re getting for free.

    Thanks admin for keeping this soundtracks up. Making my way through this game now and fell in love with the music.

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